Bolt is an Internet of Things platform (Hardware +Cloud) for enterprise ready IoT products and solutions.


Looking to build an IoT product or looking for an end to end IoT solution for your company? Speak to our IoT consultant who will guide you on how to go about it.

Build Faster With Bolt Card

With Bolt's incredibly small yet highly functional prototyping board and intuitive product building experience your ideas can be rapidly prototyped within days with minimal cost and manhours. Simplified APIs let you setup and manage your devices with minimal effort and time.

Develop mobile applications with ease

Now develop mobile application for multiple platforms within just a few hours. Build your customized UI with simple scripting languages such as html/CSS and interface the GPIO pins using Bolt API. You can also control multiple Bolts through a single application using our patent pending libdiscovery protocol.

Control & Monitor with Bolt Cloud

With Bolt Cloud platform, you can now monitor and control your devices from anywhere in the world and with pre-built data visualization service convert your data into truly useful intelligence. Sharing your dashboard has never been easier with User Access Management system built into Bolt's Secure Cloud platform. Do more with Bolt Cloud such as receiving last alive time stamps, current state of the device and push Over-the-air updates to your Bolt through the Cloud Control Panel.

Scale With Ease

Bolt ecosystem is built with scalability in mind. Built to be scalable with minimal intervention, remove all bottlenecks to your growth. Bolts seamlessly integrate onto the cloud through a simple authentication system, letting you add as many Bolts as you want, when you want. Automate your Bolt clusters through Bolt Cloud in just a few clicks. With our flexi-pay system pay only for the bandwidth your Bolt network consumes.

Bolt Failsafe Mode

Reliable internet connection is a myth. But with Bolt your IoT can still function without "Internet"! The genius behind this is the Bolt Failsafe Mode, where the Bolt Card turns into a local server letting you control and monitor your device in a local environment. Any data generated during the outage is stored safely on the onboard memory and when the internet is back, its immediately uploaded to Bolt Cloud.

Here are a few products Built on Bolt

These products are already using Bolt to give a superior experience and better control for their end users.

Mukunda Foods

"With Bolt, Dosamatic gets an App to place orders via smartphones. This technology allows Mukunda Foods to charge the Hotels on Pay As You Go basis."


"iSafe lets you crowd source security. You can easily alert the neighbours, friends and family in time about the impending danger with just a click on your smartphone."

Visual Juju

"The robot can be controlled via an App. Can go around in maze. Core engineering mechanism on Bolt. Engaged recently at Accenture Innovation Jockeys."
Awards and recognition

Bolt is gaining huge popularity among it's users, the tech-industry and is also garnering high critical acclaims.

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